Features of Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial Management

Financial management component within your ERP system stores, analyzes all of your financial data, accounts , costs, budgets It improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows you to track of all of your customer and sales data within your ERP solution. A big benefit from CRM is tracking the buyer histories of your customers.

Sales and Marketing

component handles sales workflows like sales inquiries, quotations, sales orders and sales invoices. The Sales and CRM modules work together to speed up the sales cycle and earn the company more profits.

Human Resources (HR)

This Component should be able to handle complete scope of employee management. from its onboarding to offboarding . Biggest feature of HR component is payroll software. which saves you time to focus on more important tasks.


Manufacturing is a process of converting raw materials or components into finished goods or products. The module is tightly integrated with SCM and inventory modules especially in areas like product planning and inventory control and many other inventory goals.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Best SCM features should be able to optimize your supply chain, and starts by collecting real-time data. That allows you to keep update on your supply chain, so you can find and fix issues as they happen. CMS can hadle Inventory, Order Management, Logistics etc...

Why use ERP software?

ERP System to keep track of your business. We takes forward the user experience to a new level by offering the Best in Market. We integrate your systems and processes quickly. With flexible deployment options.
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Promotes Collaboration
  • Increases Data Security
  • Increases Operational Flexibility
  • Reduces Operational Costs
  • Meaningfull Reporting System

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